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CWC Interiors is managed by CWC International Corporation, a wholly owned Filipino company established and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on June 20, 1992. With its aim to supply the Philippine market with high quality and the latest innovation in products at most reasonable prices, CWC INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION has now evolved into a multi-product company

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It’s natural for us to live, think and move beyond the indoors – a move made ever more possible with technology. Keeping in mind this desire for more time spent in exterior spaces, we offer solutions for outdoors: furnishings crafted for work and play using the same design philosophy as our interior pieces and built to withstand the elements.

Ad Hoc Home Office Table featured with other furniture

Home Office

The nature of work has undergone profound changes since the beginning of the twenty-first century. In many cases, we no longer have to leave our homes to pursue an occupation. Today the home is not simply a place of refuge and the focal point of family life, but has been transformed through electronic networking into a fully equipped workplace. This allows many professions to be practised in the comfortable context of one’s personal environment.