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Work Furniture Desks: Flexible Workspace Trends for Call Centers in 2021

workers on their desks and masks on

If you haven’t returned to your physical workspace at your call center company yet, chances are, very soon, you’ll be going back to work there. In fact, many people are already preparing to return to work in call centers; in fact, some call centers are slowly calling for a return to work. Of course, the norm now is social distancing and other health protocol precautions. Trying to cram work furniture desks side by side is now a thing of the past. Instead, the new call center workspace trends for 2021 will call on open space concepts and other features between each work table

Distance domination

Crowded call center workspaces will not be allowed since the full capacity of offices is still banned by government protocols. Keeping each employee work desk separate will become a prominent design feature. This could mean redesigning the whole floor interior or even renting more floors for more spacing.

Open workspace layouts

This pandemic is here to stay for the long-term, so open workspace layouts are here to stay, at least for all of 2021 and probably into the following year. Open layouts make it easier for maintenance crews to clean and disinfect. This design also means easier reconfiguration with protective screens and barriers.

Flexible work tables

Heavy work desks with cabinets and drawers will be replaced with more uncomplicated and lightweight work tables just large enough to fit the computer, an extra monitor, and other work materials. These modern work tables are truly flexible because they are easily cleaned and disinfected, and are lightweight enough should a rearrangement be needed from time to time.

At CWC Interiors, you can check out the Airia Desk, Nelson Swag Legs Desk, and NEX Table and Chair Bundle that are still being sold at discounts. Also check out the Optimis Desk, Ratio Work Table, and WFH DIY Table. 

Mobile barriers

Expect mobile barriers everywhere in call centers in 2021. This is because of their dual functionality, whether they are used as protective barriers between employees or to close off a specific area during a small meeting or a video conference with a client.

At CWC Interiors, also check out the Eames Moulded Plywood Folding Screen. Its five-ply strength and maple inner plies plus its portable and foldable abilities make it the perfect protective barrier or space divider in any call center.

CWC Interiors

Since CWC Interiors was established in 1992, it has steadily grown and has worked with companies from diverse ranges, including the financial, hospitality, and BPO industries. The company’s product lines have expanded beyond just selling work furniture desks and work chairs. It carries furniture and décor from globally renowned brands and is the exclusive Philippine distributor for Herman Miller, Vitra, Walter Knoll, JEB Partitions, to name a few. Visit us today at and find the best furniture for your company or work from home office spaces.

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