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Tired of Working Indoors? Create an Alternate Outdoor Home Office, Get CWC Chairs and Desks

home office chairs

After weeks or even months of working in front of that wall in your home office, it might be a good idea to change up your scenery. If you have a nice space outdoors such as a deck, patio, or even your shaded backyard, you might want to set up your home office chairs and other home office accessories to create an alternate outdoor home office. And should you grow tired of the outdoors, or if the weather forbids, you can move back into your indoor home office.

Here’s what you’ll need 

NEX Chair

Outdoor deep seats are great for taking naps, but they’re not ideal for putting in work. Either you can bring your ergonomic home office chairs outside or invest in a more straightforward designed chair. The NEX Chair, available from CWC Interiors, is a simple ergonomic work chair but with a breathable mesh material background for lumbar support. It is height adjustable and fully upholstered. 



That outdoor dining table or camping table may be stable, but they’re not ergonomically designed or with the right height to do home office work. This WFH DIY Table from CWC Interiors is suitable for any outdoor deck or patio home office. You can also get the NEX Table. Both are easily assembled and have a white worktop finish with black metal frame and legs.


NEX Table and NEX Chair are both available as a discounted bundle from CWC Interiors.   


Netbox Dome Tower

You need power in your outdoor workspace. Invest in a long extension cord if your outlets aren’t enough outdoors. The Netbox Dome Tower is an aluminum tower suitable for the outdoors with up to 6 applications for international power sockets and USB chargers. It also comes with 3000mm starter/connector cable.


Eames Aluminum Outdoor Chair

Your next bet to an ergonomic chair is a comfortable Eames Aluminum Outdoor Chair that can be used as a work chair and outdoor lounge chair as well. It is made with materials that can stand up to outside environments. You can also support your outdoor office with Eames Outdoor Ottoman and Eames Outdoor Side Chairs, all made from aluminum.


CWC Interiors

The pandemic has seen the nature of work undergo significant changes with the shift to the home office as well as home office furniture such as home office chairs. This means many of us no longer need to leave home to pursue our work. The home today is not only a focal point for rest and family but has been transformed as a center to earn a living. However, some people face challenges in creating a home office and finding the right home office furniture for their needs. Visit CWC Interiors at, and we can help you find solutions to your home office challenges.

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