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The Carafe Table

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The Carafe Table designed by Charles Wilson

Herman Miller teamed up with Sydney-based Designer Wilson to create a versatile table that supports different activities particularly for the single-person households. The Carafe Table has been designed to blend the functions of the kitchen bench top and work desk, able to transform easily between ‘working’ and ‘dining’ modes.

It ensures the idea of providing an attractive and adaptable surface for working or entertaining, along with storage features.

Its broad, faceted main drawer slides out from both sides of the table, making it perfect for storing work supplies or dining accoutrements. Cantilevered shelves at either end allow for additional storage. At the base of the drawers, carved slots make for an easy connection of cables.

Carafe is available in 2 configurations and 2 sizes. Choose from a slim shelf to conceal all your power supplies, or a large compartmental drawer accessible from both sides. The tabletop comes in 3 different wood finishes in White Oak, Dark Cherry or Ash Black that can be combined with 4 different frame finishes.

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