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The Sustainability of Working from Home

home office accessories

In this time of the global pandemic when companies are sending their employees to work from home, remote work needs to have sustainable benefits. Not only does working from home give employees more freedom and flexibility, but it can also help them become more productive, so long as management can take care of them, at least remotely. Remote employees usually have smaller carbon footprints, so there are more opportunities to become more environment-friendly, such as switching to environment-friendly furniture and home office accessories.

Get a comfortable home desk

It is crucial to have a home desk setup that supports good posture and comfort. You can search online for eco-friendly but sturdy work desks if you don’t have a work desk or you’re planning to replace your old one. Make sure the desk you choose has ample space for all your office work and won’t take up too much space at home.

Work at home during the same times you would at the office

Clock in and log off your work the same times you would if you were going to the office. That means waking up, getting ready, and having breakfast all at the same time before clocking in for work at home. Log off at the same time you would typically leave the office. In this way you can have more time to prepare for dinner, rest, and spend time with your family, time usually spent commuting from work.

Take time to update the ground rules with your family

Whether you’re the only one working remotely, or if you do work in a shared space with your spouse, from time to time you need to update or remind your family about ground rules during work hours. Updates could be about workspaces, taking breaks, signals for no interruptions, opening and closing doors, etc. This will minimise stress and unwanted surprises. You can also create a daily schedule for everyone and post where everyone can see it to give everyone clarity on when others need their space.

If you’re a manager or supervisor, reach out to your team once a day

Even just a “hello, how are you doing today,” will let your team members know you’re thinking of them and concerned for their welfare. This will make them feel valued. Ask them about their workloads and if they’re coping. 

Don’t be a remote sedentary worker

Being a sedentary worker for a whole day is not healthy. Try to have some physical activities while working, such as walking around the room or house while talking on the phone, or exercising briefly during short breaks just to stand up.
Lastly, and again, when you begin another work from home day, be mindful of your surroundings and find out if your environment is eco-friendly, especially with the work furniture and home office accessories.

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