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Reimagining the Office Interior Design after Working from Home

home office interior design

What will the company office look like after COVID-19, or at least as workers start to trickle back to the office? Some are saying that it will look similar to the home office interior design selections that many people chose when working from home. But, one thing is for sure, in the interest of protecting its employees, the interior designs of corporate offices will have significant changes. Home office accessories and home office furniture will play key roles in the redesigning of the office just as it plays major roles in home offices. With the pandemic still raging, but with economies slowly opening up, and companies trying to find a semblance of normalcy, these three fundamental changes will define the office design even post-COVID-19.


Decentralized Offices

Physical distancing will be the main focus of offices. This means that organizations need to rethink the workplace and consider ways to de-densify offices. While staggered shifts and flexible work policies will be deemed to keep offices less dense, necessary changes such as having only two people work from a long table, or implementing enclosed cubicles will need to be implemented. Companies of all sizes will need more space even with fewer workers in them. They may need more floors or expand to satellite branches in hubs and co-working spaces. The concept of a single large company headquarters may become obsolete.


Rethinking Meetings

Social distancing will mean less people at a conference table during a meeting or more conference tables at different locations or floors, with meetings using video platforms. Other forms of communications will be suggested, such as phone calls, instant messaging, and emails, for less important meetings. Technology will play more important roles in meetings in contrast to face-to-face conferences only several months ago.


Incorporating More Health Protocols

Every office, regardless of size, needs to level up several levels higher to protect workers. Utility and cleaning services will not only clean up the office after work but will need to disinfect thoroughly. Toilets, barriers, door knobs/bars, bannisters, elevators, etc. will need extra attention during disinfection. Since there may only be a single pantry per floor, this needs to be disinfected thoroughly and continuously.


CWC Interiors 

Cosm Chair

  • With height adjustment, auto-harmonic tilt, fixed seat depth, quiet roll glides, and intercept suspension material.
  • Adjusts to the user’s back for better physical health ergonomically.


Vitra AM Chair

  • With mesh lightnet backrest and pro-motion without forward tilt with seat depth adjustment.
  • Provides an ergonomically healthy work seating for the user.


Eames Moulded Plywood Folding Screen

  • A portable and foldable way to divide space and provide protection between work tables or during a meeting.
  • Can be used as a stand-alone or with several other folding screens. It easily folds away for storage.


The above are just samples of how CWC Interiors can create, work, and collaborate with clients to provide value and innovative solutions. Its furniture solutions provided home office interior design solutions when people needed to work from home. These are the same solutions that CWC Interiors can provide when offices redesign their interiors. Visit us at and talk with us about your interior design ideas and our possible solutions for you.

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