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T2 Desk

Product Story

T2 is a mobile, height-adjustable table with an adventurous personality and a highly intelligent core engine that responds to your needs, and your choices.

In T2, digital technology combines with self-monitoring features and ergonomics to facilitate different postures throughout the day – from sit to stand, and from quiet time to engaging with others – and to quantify how you work, supporting an agile workspace and personal wellbeing.

Design Story

As the next generation of height-adjustable desk, T2’s design had to reflect its futuristic intention, “for the same reason a Tesla does not look like a Toyota,” explains Marc Fong Director of Research, Design & Development APAC, Herman Miller. Everything from decisions about transitions in surface geometry to component interface was therefore created with this in mind.

The smartphone also had a part to play here. “I’m obsessed with the round corners on smartphones,” says Fong, who gave T2 its well-rounded form, with corners curving at a 50mm radius

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