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Eames Chaise

Product Story

The Eames Chaise is soft, comfortable and just 457-mm wide. When you lie on it, you naturally fold your arms over your chest. Should you doze off, your arms soon fall to your sides, waking you up. It’s a beautiful place to relax for a while in a study, living room or executive office.

Sleek Sophistication

A work of art with its trim lines and sculptural frame and base. Available in three colour combinations: aubergine frame with black leather and fabric sling, black frame with black leather and fabric sling and white frame with pearl leather and white fabric sling.

Beautiful Comfort

Six foam cushions upholstered in our premium MCL leather, a semi-aniline, dyed leather with 100% natural full-grain. Two additional loose cushions let you support your back, neck or legs.

Gently sloping frame. Puts the body in a healthy, relaxed position, with the head and legs slightly raised.

Strong Support

Stable and durable. Die-cast aluminium frame and base.

Secure cushions. Cushions are joined by flexible zips and secured to nylon fabric slung tightly on the frame.

Scratch-resistant. The frame finishes are electrostatically applied.

Design Story

In 1955, while filming on location, director Billy Wilder discovered he could take quick naps on a plank held up by saw horses. This prompted Wilder to tell his friends Charles and Ray Eames that he needed a narrow office couch. The Eameses remembered that conversation and in 1968 introduced the Eames Chaise, giving the first one to Wilder. It has been produced by Herman Miller ever since.

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