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by Nicola Gisonda

Product Story

Well defined, straight lines give lightness and personality to this chair, made of solid black walnut. A linearity that’s well supported by a depth study of the detail, as the sharp edges and tapered sides remind us.

Designer Story

Clear and rigorous lines are his signature marks, the invisible thread that makes all of his projects distincted.

The unnecessary decoration is replaced by carefully studied details that add value and highlight the structural and materical elements. His works gain, this way, an exceptional expressive strenght that delivers pure shapes that are anything but ordinary.

Structure and material are key arguments, and the interest for the properties and the potentialities of the single materials are paired by the ability to engineer the project and to conceive the idea well considering every phase of the making process, in a perfect synthesis of form and function.

The plot of these themes converge into his architectural and design works, never disconnected from the concept and the sensations around him.

Born and bred in Milan, he graduated at the Politecnico academy.

His activity ranges over from architectural projects to industrial design, from public place concepts to residential interior design.

After several years spent on projects in the residential building sector, in the last 15 years he is particularly dedicated to the requalification of neglected industrial areas, sensing the demand of a city, Milan, that was starting its metamorphosis. Standing out from his most notable works in this regard, are the Officine del Volo.

For Lando, Gisonda has designed and coordinated the development of the Craquelé table, the Corsia chair and the Il lanciatore di coltelli mirror.

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