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Carafe Table, 2015

Designed by Charles Wilson

A Versatile Table for Urban Life Whether you’re working, playing, creating, conversing or hosting dinner
guests, you’ll nd the Carafe Table designed by Charles Wilson is equally adept at enabling all these
activities. A versatile table for urban living, Carafe provides an attractive and adaptable surface for
working or entertaining, along with thoughtful storage features. It’s a new take on the traditional
communal dining table.
Compact apartments that are so much a part of urban living require every space and surface to be
flexible in function. To address this need, the Carafe Table was designed to merge the functions of the
kitchen bench top and the work desk, and transform easily between working and dining modes. Discreet
drawers address storage, giving you convenient places to put objects as varied as cables or cutlery,
paperwork or linens. Devices are subtly connected to power sources through cut-outs in the drawer
bases. Like the communal vessel from which the table takes its name, Carafe embodies the convivial
spirit present when family and friends gather

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