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by Enzo Berti

Aria is a table that loves to be surrounded by the warmth of people in the house: it invites to share happy moments, setting an atmosphere made of harmony and balance in the space around it.

The conviviality created by the circular shape is emphasised from the thickness and the proportions of the elements that compose Aria. The circular top is enriched by the materiality of the grain that is flowing on the surface. The base is a rhythmic sequence of vertical solid wood components that create a perfect circle around its center: an interesting rhythmic sequence of solids and voids that expresses a feeling of lightness and freedom.

Aria has an extremely sophisticated design. The archetype of the traditional countryside basket lives again in the cone-shaped base; the circular top rests on it with pulchritude. Two pure shapes met in the simplicity of a sculptural object, available in the solid wood version, of walnut or larch, or in the brand-new marble one.


With both his notable creative ability and his outstanding aesthetic sense, his designs reveal his artistic origins, which are never just the outcome from ordinary technical intuitions. With his natural ability, Enzo defines the best synthesis of form and function, aiming to simplify without overlooking detail.

The result of his way of proceeding brings to his creation of elements capable of possessing a soul that somehow connects them to history and the environment that surrounds us…strong objects, in some measure traditional but that lead almost inadvertently to progress in how to be aware of things.

Over the years, he has collaborated with the main national and international entities who are active in the interior design sector, receiving numerous awards for recognition, among which the Compasso d’oro 2014, for which he has been nominated several times, and the IBD Product Design Award (USA) in1991.

For Lando, he has designed and coordinated the production of the new kitchen system and new collectionof tables and cupboards Lando Convivio, which has been officially presented at the International Furniture Salon of Milan, 2012.

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