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Practical Home Office Interior Design Trends for 2021

woman in her home office with plants

Chances are, many of you didn’t put much thought into a home office when you started working from home. You satisfied working from your bedroom or in a tiny nook wedged between the living room and kitchen, and you just pulled out a kitchen chair when you started work. But with the pandemic still raging, you (and possibly your spouse) find yourself still working from home. This, on top of the children now doing online classes and taking up more space where you work. This work from home trend won’t be going away this year or beyond, so you might want to reconsider and go beyond just having a temporary work table. Here are some practical home office interior design trends for 2021 to help you make a permanent home office.    

Ergonomic chairs will never go away

You don’t work in the corporate environment anymore, but you still need to protect your lower back and spine when working from home. Trendy desk and chair pairing may look stylish, but the real trend is to protect your back with an excellent ergonomic work chair.

At CWC Interiors, look at our ergonomic chairs specially designed and made for the Herman Miller and Vitra brands. Have a look at the Aeron, COSM, Mirra, Sayl, Express, and other work chairs that are still heavily discounted.

Cosy tables 

Forget those wooden corporate tables with a multitude of drawers. The trendy home office table in 2021 won’t need storage space, just large enough to fit your computer, maybe an extra monitor and other work paraphernalia, lightweight, and cosy and comfortable enough for movement underneath.

At CWC Interiors, the Airia and Nelson Swag Legs work desks are still discounted. Also check out the Optimis, Ratio, and WFH DIY work desks, as well as our special NEX Table and Chair Bundle that is still discounted. 

Let there be light

Having natural light for your home office can be a good energy saver, until you need to video conference, and discover that the light isn’t enough. You need a good background and lighting for your video conferencing. You need a handy directional light for your home office that you can turn on to illuminate you during those Zoom calls. If you need to work during the night, your light comes in handy so that you can turn off other room lights.

For a good directional light, CWC Interiors offers its Lolly Personal Light. Check it out.

Furniture in the home office

Even the smallest home office will have enough space for other office furniture. You can have a separate comfy armchair nearby if you want to sit away from your desk for a while. Or you can have a relaxation area nearby with a sofa and coffee table. After all, you can’t spend all eight hours behind that computer screen. 

Check out the couches, sofas, and coffee tables at the Home Living section of CWC Interiors. You’re sure to find the right couch, sofa, or coffee table for your personal home office space.

CWC Interiors

CWC Interiors only offers the best quality brands known throughout the world, such as Colebrook Bosson Saunders, Louis Poulsen, Vitra, and Herman Miller, to name a few. This means that each piece of furniture you choose for your home office interior design concept means not only high quality but a guarantee of longevity. You can contact CWC Interiors for inquiries or call us direct at Mobile – (+63)9171230478 or (Landline) – (+632) 8659.6449 / 8659.6450.

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