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Is Your Home Office Zoom-Ready?

home office accessories interior design

Welcome to your new office, the remote working environment called home. The ongoing pandemic is forcing many people to relocate; working from home will also find us spending a lot of time on camera to communicate with co-workers and the bosses. This means meetings on platforms like Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet, and other video conferencing services. But aside from trying to find flattering camera angles and proper angles, we all need to invest in good home office accessories interior design backgrounds and surroundings that will make us look interesting and professional.


Invest in good lighting

Looking good on camera for your video meetings is dependent on your home office lighting. The most flattering light can directly come from the front, or light angled towards one side of your face. As an important part of home office accessories interior design, you can invest in good home office lighting. The Lolly Personal Desk Light can angle its head to illuminate areas of focus. It also has a four-stage dimmer to enable brightness variations.  


Properly positioning your camera lens

Tabetha Tablet Mount

Your camera lens needs to be at eye level or slightly above. Most people keep their camera angle too low, resulting in an unflattering image. Invest in a camera or tablet stand if you’re not using the camera on your computer. The Tabetha Tablet Mount is an innovative desktop mount with three adjustable and lockable arms. A good investment if you need to separate your video call from your computer or laptop. 


Style the space behind you

Dorothee Becker Utensilo

Style the space behind you because this is what everyone sees during your video calls. Get rid of messy wires and cords as well as draped clothes on chairs or sofas. And if you have a completely blank wall behind you, this might give you a neutral look, but it really looks like you’re video calling from a prison cell. For those blank walls, invest in Girard Enrichment Panels, decorative silkscreens designed by Alexander Girard. For something different, try the Dorothee Becker Utensilo, a wall-mounted organiser that provides practical storage space for all kinds of odds and ends that may be used while at work.


If space allows, invest in home office furniture


Even with adequate space at home, many of us have opted for the simple desk and chair setup. You can invest in other furniture that is an addition to comfort and aesthetics if your video calls see the furniture in the background or if you need a short break. The Verner Panton designed Amoebe is a high back lounge chair with a flexible backrest, perfect for those breaks while working.


CWC Interiors

All of the abovementioned is supplied and distributed by CWC Interiors. After more than three decades since it has been a supplier of quality office furniture, the company has adapted to the pandemic by offering home office desks, work chairs, and other home office accessories interior design concepts. Give CWC Interiors a call today or visit us at and tell us what you need.

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