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Interior Design Ideas: How to Cram a Home Office into a Small Apartment

home office interior design

As the pandemic is getting worse, did you just get the memo that everyone needs to start working from home? This probably has your scrambling how to set up (more like “cram”) a home office into your tiny apartment. Maybe you’re thinking of just working from your bed or couch instead of troubling yourself with things like a work desk and a home office interior design concept.


But think again. A home office interior design should be conducive to getting work done and must be an area where you can do inspired, motivated, and focused work. Working on your bed just won’t cut it. So, here are a few ideas to create a home office in your small place.


Get a slim desk

It doesn’t have to be an actual work desk with drawers. Get a simple desk with a large enough surface area to accommodate a laptop, some accessories, and be at least 28 to 30 inches above the floor. If possible, push it up against the wall to avoid distractions when you look up from your monitor.


  • The NEX Table from CWC Interiors is a simple work desk easily assembled and fits perfectly into small apartments. It comes with a white worktop finish and black frame and legs.


Get an ergonomic chair

If you want to avoid backaches and keep your back and overall health in a state of well-being, invest in an ergonomic chair. Get one that allows tilting, with adjustable height, and with wheels. Using an ordinary plastic chair or dining chair will only wreak havoc on your back.


  • The NEX Chair has a backrest in breathable mesh material for lumbar support, has adjustable height and backrest tilt tension, and lockable upright seating.


Both the NEX Table and Chair come in a discounted price Table and Chair Bundle from CWC Interiors. Check it out here.


Get a laptop stand for your eyes, or a monitor stand if you need an extra monitor

The laptop stand is to set up the screen at eye level, so you don’t get eye and craning neck strain. If your work entails an extra monitor, get a monitor stand that is adjustable at any height or location. Don’t just plop that extra monitor beside your laptop.


  • The Flo Dynamic Arm is an adjustable monitor stand that is easily clamped unto any work desk. It can take on monitor weight of up to 1.76 lbs. It is available here from CWC Interiors.


“We are more than just a furniture store”

In our three decades of service and dedication, CWC Interiors has become a one-stop-shop to turn your ideas and challenges into solutions. We also guarantee quality because we distribute only top quality global brands. If you’re finding your home office interior design quite challenging, find us at, and we’ll help you find furniture solutions.

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