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Ideas from CWC Interiors to Make Your Home Office Luxurious

home office interior design

As more people are working from home due to the pandemic, the home office has grown in necessity but popularity. Nowadays, home offices and their corresponding home office interior design concepts come in different layouts, features, colour schemes, purposes, and other home office accessories.


You can choose to create a home office in any part of your home, basement, or even the garage. You can even start and stop with a desk and chair. Or, you can go all out to make your home office an oasis of luxurious design and comfort.


The desk is the centre of your universe

In any home office interior design, it all starts with the work desk. After all, nixing the perfect desk doesn’t mean buying the biggest desk or the most expensive one you can find. It’s all about what you need, what is suitable for your work, and how comfortable you are.

  • NEX Table and Chair Bundle

CWC Interiors suggest taking advantage of its NEX Table and Chair Bundle for your home office. For its price, you get two for the price of one. The work table is solid MFC, with tubular square black steel legs, powder-coated with adjustable glides, and with a white top finish. The NEX chair has a midback breathable mesh with lumbar support. It also has a synchronised adjustable backrest tension with lockable seating positions, and height-adjustable.


Comfort is key

The essential factor in any home office is comfort. You need to work in an environment where you feel comfortable. This is the space where you work at least 8 hours a day. Make it comfortable and enjoyable. 

  • Cosm Work Chair

Aside from the suggested NEX chair, the Cosm Work Chair offers great ergonomic comfort with health benefits for your spine and lower back. The chair comes with a 12-year warranty.

  • Eames Moulded Plywood Folding Screen

Comfort also means privacy for work, especially during video meetings. This portable and foldable divide space screen provides a welcome backdrop and creates privacy.


Accessorise intelligently

When creating a luxurious office space, it’s not just choosing a trendy coffee side table or lounge couch. It’s all about feeling comfortable while working and staying healthy as well.

  • Flo Plus Single and Dual Monitor Arm

Flo Plus is the ideal dual monitor stand for supporting two screens for those involved in complicated computer work. What’s more, it keeps the monitors at healthy eye levels.

  • Lolly Personal Light

This personal desk light gives power through integrated USB type A or C ports. Its head can be angled to illuminate areas of focus and comes in a four-stage dimmer of varying brightness. Perfect for reading or night shift work.


CWC Interiors

Three decades have passed, and still, CWC Interiors provides the best brands and quality for home and office furniture. The ongoing pandemic has not dampened this company’s vision, adapting to the rising need for better quality home office interior design furniture and accessories. Come visit CWC Interiors at and find out how we can help you with your home office concepts and needs.

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