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How to Pick the Right Color to Match Your Desk, Chair, and Other Furniture in Your Home Office

grey themed home office

Whether you are revamping your work area at home or setting it up for the first time, it is an exciting project that gives you the freedom to customize your very own space. Pick and choose the home office desk and chair that suit your preference, home office accessories that reflect your personality, and colors that represent the mood of your environment.


Consider colors

Colors can not only affect mood, but also comfort and productivity. See how some of these colors benefit the environment in your home office.  



White goes with anything and everything. It even brings your space lots of light. If you want your area to have versatility, with the various pieces and colors you can add to your plain walls, then choose the color white or soft neutrals.

Add white furniture to your office with the all-white Sayl Chair by Herman Miller. If you get yours at CWC Interiors this holiday season, you can save 10% of its WFH price of PHP 40,000.

Pair that with the work table Aira, with its combination of wood and white-painted aluminum build.


Productivity and focus

For these attributes, which can be critical especially when there are plenty of distractions at home, your office may need cool colors like blue or green. The latter is known for being the least strenuous to the eyes and boosting reading comprehension and speed. The former, on the other hand, can encourage focus. Warmer blues may be more effective as cool blues tend to give off an aloof or cold atmosphere.

Get your home office chair in both blue and green colors combined with the Herman Miller Express 2 chair in teal. At CWC Interiors, its Express 2’s WFH price is now down to 10% less!


Trendy 2021

Aiming for something trendier? The Pantone Color of the Year can help you choose the most popularly predicted color of 2021. The company known for its trend and design forecasts has selected two new colors for the new year: Ultimate Gray (Pantone 17-5104) and Illuminating (Pantone 13-0647). These grey and yellow shades can be the perfect colors for your office space, as they promote tranquility and positivity, respectively.

The NEX Table and Chair Bundle is currently on sale at CWC Interiors and is the ideal pair for your Pantone-themed office space. Get yours for only PHP 12,000.


Home office desk and chairs at CWC Interiors

Apart from our classic black and white home office desk and chair products by Herman Miller, CWC Interiors also offers several Cosm, Sayl, and Express 2 chairs in various colors. Mix and match them with the colors in your home office. Visit us at to view the catalog and more.

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