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Home Office/Study Interior Design Ideas for the Entire Family

home office interior design

In need of some fresh, family-friendly home office interior design ideas? In today’s world, not only are moms and dads working at home, but the kids are nearby working and studying in place of school. This makes it important that the family workspace be safe and comfortable for everyone.


Take time to create a dedicated family workspace

The reason why the whole family is in the same boat – or house – is because of the pandemic. So, with mom and dad working from home, and with schools closed and kids doing schoolwork at home, you need to create a family-friendly workspace. It’s a delicate balance because, on the one hand, you need to get your work done. On the other hand, you need to keep tabs on what your kids are doing and maybe answer a few questions from them.


Make your home office functional

The top priority of an office space is to make it functional. This is for everyone to be able to work productively. You need a desk that is the right height and has the space you need to work. 


  • From CWC Interiors, check out the Eames Desk Unit, the Airia Desk, and Nelson Swag Legs Desk.


Choose your chairs according to the time to be spent on it. Some desk chairs are intended for short periods, while others are made for long periods of use. For mom and dad, it is recommended to get desk chairs with wheels so they can move around much easier. 


  • Try the All Plastic Chairs for short period seating. Comfortable seating with backrest and a choice of decorative colors. For ergonomic seating for long periods, get the Aeron Remastered with adjustable posture support. If you want to save a bundle for the whole family, get the NEX Bundle that contains the NEX Table and NEX Work Chair set at a special price.


Have a sofa near the workspace

Having a comfy sofa means being able to draw the kids together in one cozy area. It also serves as an alternative place to sit down with your laptop and work beside your children. It is also a spot for your kids to play or do homework away from their usual work desk. 


  • Check out the sofas and couches from CWC Interiors such as the Lispenard Sectional Sofa. 


CWC Interiors

For comfortable home office interior design ideas, concepts, and furniture, CWC Interiors now offers its Anniversary Sale, a new Work from Home Product Catalog, and Christmas Wishlist Catalogs. CWC Interiors provides the best of work from home products to make family workspaces more comfortable and family-friendly. Get all the new CWC Interiors catalogs here or access the 10th Anniversary Sale discounts here.

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