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Home Office Space for Creatives Complete with Desk and Task Chair

home office task chair

Work from home has almost become the norm for a large part of the working population. So, what happens when a creative mind surrounded by other creatives in an office workspace suddenly has to work alone at home? The next best thing to do is to be the creative you are and set up your own creative home office complete with a home office task chair concept. Your home workspace will work wonders to give you the necessary room to improve your overall productivity and get things done.


Here are a few inspirational suggestions for your creative mind

Unless you come up with something better, or you need to combine some of our suggestions into your own. Well, go for it.


Make yourself at home

Creatives will never get any work done if they’re uncomfortable. Use the laptop on your bed? On the kitchen table? Maybe not! You need to boost your productivity by setting up your workspace complete with your own choice of work desk and an ergonomic chair. You can also decorate your home office like the rest of your house, or your choosing.


  • From CWC Interiors, try out their NEX Table and Chair Bundle. The NEX Table has a worktop solid MFC with tubular square steel legs. The table is large enough to fit a laptop and additional monitor or a complete desktop computer set. The NEX Chair is ergonomic with a midback breathable mesh and lumbar support. It also has an adjustable and lockable height seating.


  • If you want something more aesthetic, the Optimis Desk System is an origami-inspired contemporary desk made from bent sheet metal. It is a free-standing work desk big enough for a PC desktop or a laptop with an extra monitor.


Both NEX Table and Optimis Desk will not take up too much space in any creative home office.


  • Having a need for decorating? Try the Girard Environmental Enrichment Panels designed by Alexander Girard. These are decorative silkscreen designs that add an element of aesthetic functionalism suitable for creative minds.


Go outside on warm days

Staying cooped up inside the home office may not be right for creatives. If the weather is warm, go outside to see skies and greens. Better yet, to enjoy the outdoors, create your own patio or shaded workspace complete with a couch, chair, and worktable. Just make sure to check the weather ahead of time.


  • Instead of bringing your ergonomic chair outside, try the Eames Lounge Chair Outdoor. It has a powder-coated aluminium frame with a comfortable upholstered seat. It is just as comfortable as any ergonomic chair, but it’s made for your outdoor workspace.


You need proper lighting

Proper lighting is the key to concentration, a concept not unfamiliar to creatives. For your home office, you might want to look for a space near the windows. When the sun goes down, or if your space has inadequate natural light, you may need a powerful lamp to work with.


  • The Lolly Personal Light gives power through its integrated USB type A and C ports, offering convenient charging for personal devices. The head can be angled to illuminate specific areas and contains a four-stage dimmer for brightness variety.


CWC Interiors

For the past three decades, beginning with just a single brand, CWC Interiors (CWC International Corp) is now the distributor of top international furniture and home office task chair concept brands such as Herman Miller, Vitra, and Colebrook Bosson Saunders, to name a few. CWC Interiors is a forward-thinking company that puts great emphasis on classic pieces, exceptional quality, and expert craftsmanship to withstand the test of time. For your workspace needs, don’t hesitate to call CWC Interiors at (+63)9171230478 or (+632)8659.6449/8659.6450. You can also visit the website at

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