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Home Office Interior Design Ideas When Working from Home with Your Housemates

home office interior design

If you’re working from home during the pandemic, it may be hard to separate the “home” part of home office. This is especially true if you have apartment mates or housemates also working at home. On top of your already busy work schedule, suddenly you’re dealing with your housemates in a tight remote working environment while attempting some decent home office interior design concepts to make your home office space more “workable” for everyone.


Just as it is possible to work with a lot of people in an actual office, it’s possible to coexist in a shared apartment or house turned into a home office


Designate your “mini offices”

Whether you all decide to work in the apartment’s living room or your bedrooms, you and your housemates should designate your own area as your “mini-office.” If possible, keep your designated areas as far from each other as possible so you won’t disturb each other. You may all want to invest in good ergonomic chairs so you can work comfortably for eight hours or more. 


The Cosm Task Chair by Herman Miller is an ergonomic chair with mid and back suspension, standard height-range adjustment, Y-tilt, and height-adjustable arms. It is available from CWC Interiors


Set workspace boundaries

Reinforce your boundaries between work and socializing. For instance, if you’re working from bedrooms, a closed door means “do not disturb.” The kitchen can then be designated as the shared space where everyone can cook, eat, or just relax while taking a break. If working in a shared area, a good home office interior design idea like a divider is well worth it. 


The Eames Molded Plywood Folding Screen serves as an artful divider or elegant backdrop to create privacy. It is self-supporting and connected with woven mesh, and easily collapses for easy storage. Available from CWC Interiors.


Treat your housemates like co-workers

When you treat your housemates like your co-workers, this means that you respect their workspace and busyness during the day. Then, you can be casual and friendly after work and during weekends.


Come to an agreement that you need to, at least, keep wires and cords in order

You all need to agree not to turn your shared workspace into a slovenly pig-pen. This means keeping the area clean, no draped clothes on furniture, and keeping wires and cords in order. 


The NETBOX Pearl is a tabletop cable charger and power socket all in one round casing. It contains two ports for USB chargers and one international power socket. The unit comes with a sliding dust cover. 


CWC Interiors

Initially established in 1992 to provide the latest design innovation for offices, CWC Interiors also distributes the latest home office interior design solutions and furniture. We have everything you need to establish your home office and to make it as comfortable and healthy as possible. As a distributor of top international brands such as Vitra and Herman Miller, CWC Interiors delivers only top quality solutions. For our online catalogs and showrooms, visit today.

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