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Home Office Interior Design Ideas for a Bedroom Office

home office interior design

Wake up, take a shower, get dressed, make coffee, and head over to your work desk. This sounds like work heaven, but it’s the new scenario for thousands of workers who are working from home. While most of us would choose a separate office, but if that’s not possible, you can create your own office workspace in your own bedroom. Here are some ideas to consider for your remote working environment in the bedroom.


Master Bedroom Office Design

If you have a spacious master bedroom, you can have a full desk set-up along an open wall, a spacious corner, or better yet, along the wall with windows. Whatever the case, face your desk towards the wall or window. With your back to the bed, you will be less distracted with thoughts of slumber while working.


Converting the Guest Room

Guest rooms feel obsolete since you won’t be expecting visitors during the pandemic. It’s a waste of space, so, convert that guest room into your home office. You don’t need to remove the existing bed. Just plan your work desk set-up to create a fully functional office. 


If you only need a desk for your computer, monitor, and minimal work materials, look for a minimalist desk with no drawers such as the Optimis Desk System. Optimis is an origami-inspired contemporary desk that is flexible and environmentally-friendly. The tabletop helps keep work tools and materials organized.    


Create a Desk from a Bookcase

If your bedroom contains a couple of bookcases on the wall, perhaps you don’t need to get a desk. A wall-mounted bookcase has the option to convert the lower shelves into a desk. This makes for a handy workspace that won’t take up extra floor space. Now, all you need is to find a comfortable chair. And, speaking of chairs…


Get the Right Ergonomic Chair

The chair you select to sit for eight hours or more will make a difference in your health and comfort. You will need a supportive and comfortable ergonomic chair. The Cosm Work Chair is of mid-back height with a standard-height range adjustment and auto-harmonic tilt. It has a fixed seat depth, height-adjustable arms, and intercept suspension material. 


Keeping the Workspace Separate

It’s important to keep a distinction between the work area and other areas. If you are limited for space, you can maintain physical distance between your desk and bed with a divider. Instead of using a screen or curtain that takes time to set up, invest in a folding or portable divider that is easily handled. The Eames Moulded Plywood Folding Screen is just perfect for your bedroom or work area. It is self-supporting and connected with woven mesh. The screen can be collapsed for easy storage or transfer.


CWC Interior

The nature of work has undergone radical changes in the last few months alone. It has come to the point that home office interior design concepts even include converting bedrooms into workspaces. The home has been transformed from a focal point of family life to a fully equipped workplace, thanks to technology, networking, and home office furniture solutions by CWC Interior. Find out how we can help find solutions for your home office space. Visit our website today at

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