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Home Office Interior Design and Accessories for Minimalists

home office accessories interior design

Less is more when it comes to minimalist home office workspaces. That also goes for home office accessories interior design concepts. These are clutter-free workspaces containing only the essentials. Minimalist often means fostering clarity of space for clarity of mind to boost productivity.


Why Minimalism?

Minimalism means keeping a workspace simple, uncluttered, and only showing the attractive architectural features of a space. In fact, the surroundings and paint can be described as monochromatic while there is very little or no decorations at all. A minimalist home office incorporates a simple floor plan, lots of light, and simple work furnishings that are well-built and comfortable.


Simple layout for maximum productivity

A minimalist home office is all about physical space and mental space. After all, a clear mind means greater focus and increased productivity. So, don’t attempt to cram too much into the workspace. Keep clutter to a minimum, or none at all. Consider getting a simple work desk that focuses on work and is not complicated. Desk placement should be close to natural light and power sources.


  • From CWC Interiors, try the minimalist WFH DIY Table. It has a solid MFC worktop and tubular square steel legs. It comes in a white worktop and black frame.


  • Another minimalist desk option is the Nelson Swag Legs Desk and Table. This desk adds a minimalist utility to a home office despite the graceful and architectural form coupled with durable materials.


Minimalist home office lighting

Incorporate both natural and artificial lighting to your home office. Natural light from windows can do wonders for your health, energy levels, and mood. Artificial lighting is needed in case natural light becomes gloomy or if you need to work at night to avoid eyestrain and fatigue.


  • The Lolly Personal Light is a desk light that also incorporates power through integrated USB type A and C ports for convenient charging for personal devices. Its head can be angled to illuminate a particular area and has a four-stage dimmer.


Always go for an ergonomic chair

Even if you go minimalist, don’t skimp when it comes to a work chair. Ergonomic adjustable work chairs will work wonders to protect your lower and middle back to support spinal posture and health. Using an ordinary plastic chair only increases the risk of back problems and posture-related health ailments.


  • The Cosm Work Chair is a midback adjustable-height work chair with a standard auto-harmonic tilt. It also has graphite intercept suspension material for its backrest.


Minimal home office storage

If you need to use other office materials aside from just your computer, you can reduce clutter by employing a single strategic storage option. It should also be able to store non-essentials away to be taken out only when they need to be used.


  • The Nelson Thin Edge Cabinet is a minimalist storage option that couples aesthetics and organization. Storage is done both minimally and practically.


CWC Interiors

As working from home becomes the “new normal” even into the far future, home office furniture and home office accessories interior design concepts will remain dominant and necessary. CWC Interiors (CWC International Corp) is fully committed to a literally and continuously evolving industry. The company keeps updated on the latest trends and distributes only top-quality international brands such as Herman Miller, Vitra, and Lasvit. For your home office furniture and accessory needs, call CWC Interiors at (+63)9171230478 or (+632)8659.6449/8659.6450. You can also visit us at

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