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Home Office Chairs and Other Home Office Styles for Men

man on his desk working

If you’re working at home and your spouse isn’t, or you’re single, then you might want your own “man cave” home office space that reflects your masculine side. But, just throwing together a couple of home office chairs and work furniture desks just won’t cut it enough. Give yourself the best masculine home office you deserve. The best masculine home office ideas cater to a distraction-free environment where you feel both comfortable and productive.

Here are some home office styles and ideas for men that you can attempt.

Wood panelling

Wood panelling isn’t just for basements or veranda walls. Adding some to your home office will make the space feel more sophisticated and masculine. You can also easily hang or set up your manly wall decorations on the wood.

You can find a lot of masculine wall and other decorations as well as home office accessories for your man cave home office at CWC Interiors.

Media sound system and surround sound

Why get your music from a computer when you can set up your own media system with surround sound. If you own a record player and a console, set up your sound system in your home office. Plan out your speakers so the surround sound delivers your favourite music nicely. Nothing beats good music while working at home.

Designated area for meetings

If you have enough space in your home, why not designate a specific area or even room for your online meetings? You can carry out your video conferences without feeling awkward about your background and office space. Establishing a designated meeting area will also work well when talking to potential clients for discussions without even the smallest distractions.

The desk and chair

Even the most masculine home office needs a proper ergonomic work chair and work desk pairing. For your work desk, forget those wooden desks with a lot of drawers. The new trend goes for more cosy work desks purely for a working computer and other work paraphernalia. No drawers mean more moving space and comfort underneath. For a work chair, nothing beats an ergonomic chair to take care of your lower back and spine while you work for eight hours or more.

CWC Interiors offers a wide range of practical designs for complete comfort and practicality for work desks and ergonomic work chairs. Check out the desks and chairs in our collection, some still heavily discounted.

CWC Interiors

For those home office spaces designed exclusively for men, you can find home office chairs, work desks, wall decorations, accessories, and even home and office furniture. You are guaranteed top quality and longevity on all purchases because CWC Interiors carries only the leading international brands known for quality such as Herman Miller and Vitra, to name a few. Get in touch with us today by calling Mobile – (+63) 9171230478 or Landline – (+632) 8659.6449 / 8659.6450, or visit our website at

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