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Home Office Accessories and Interior Design Ideas for Small Home Offices

home office accessories interior design

Having problems with  home office accessories ideas and concepts? Trying to make the most out of your tiny home workspace? There’s a lot of that going around from people in a remote working environment and attempting to go beyond the kitchen table and spare dining room chair. But just because space is scarce doesn’t mean you can’t create a remarkable and inspiring home office.


Choose the Right Space

You shouldn’t set up your home office in the living room area where your family is most likely to congregate. You need to find your own space such as converting a garage, removing the doors from a cupboard space, or settling in a far corner in the kitchen. Wherever you choose, make it your workspace.


Manage Those Cables

Messy cables all over the place are called “spaghetti wires” and they don’t look comfortable. Tuck your cables and wires away behind your desk or other areas. You can use zip ties, bread clips, and other accessories such as those from CWC Interior. The idea is to keep the wires from tangling up and will make cleaning up easier.

  • Netbox Pearl 

    Contains 2 USB ports and 1 international power socket and includes a sliding dust cover. Convenient for the tabletop to keep cables organized.

  • Netbox Dome 

    890mm height aluminum tower suitable for up to 6 modules. 


Colors and Decorations Actually Help

Even the smallest home office setups can be customized or decorated to suit the tastes of the worker. You want to make the space feel yours by using decorations, accessories, and colors associated with warmth and happiness. This encourages creativity and a calm and comfortable work environment. Take a look at decoration ideas from CWC Interior.

  • Eames Molded Plywood Folding Screen 

    Foldable and portable, this can provide semi-privacy for your home office space.

  • Eames Hang-It-All 

    With its multicolored hooks and white wireframe, you can hang office materials, charges, mugs, and other work stuff within easy reach while making it decorative.

  • S-Tidy Organizer 

    Enables safe storage even of tablets because it is sturdy and won’t tip over. It also looks decorative on any tabletop.

  • Miniatures 

    Bring a unique look to your tabletop or wall shelves. Take a look at the miniature collection from CWC Interior by the Vitra Design Museum.



Your home office must be ergonomic, at least when it comes to the work chair. After all, you’ll be spending almost all your working hours in this chair. You’ll want a chair with good back support, with right height at eye level with your screen, and able to keep you back straight. An ergonomic chair encourages the flow of oxygen and blood and prevents back and shoulder problems.

  • Sayl Chair 

    Contains suspension mid-back and 2-tilt limiter, height adjustable arms, and adjustable seat.


CWC Interior

When CWC was founded in 1992, the company started with only a single product line. Today, the business has grown to include functional office and home office furniture for multi-functional solutions as well as home office accessories products and ideas for both practical and aesthetic solutions at home and the office. Talk to us today by visiting because at CWC Interiors we have solutions even for your tiny home office space.

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