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The Future of Work May Be Hybrid

home office chairs

The forecast for the future of work, even in post-COVID-19, is working from home and workplace at intervals, a sort of hybrid work future. So, spruce up your home office workspace, or invest in a work desk or ergonomic home office chairs if you haven’t done so yet. 


The prospect of returning to work in a “new normal” will always be under tight scrutiny. As businesses, governments, and cities are all in different phases of reopening, everyone is in a constant state of evaluating what is safe, what is not, and what the coming months and years may look like. 


Demand to work from home will increase

Even as businesses and companies are reopening, there will always be a constant evaluation to see how working from home can be done in every applicable aspect. Thus, whether a company is reopening or has remained open, there will be a demand for flexibility from workers who have seen the advantages of working remotely. 


Hybrid shifts offer cost-saving opportunities

Only a few months ago, as more and more workers worked from home, companies realized the potential for saving money. Higher management, desperate to shed costs due to the pandemic, found that they could do more with less real estate. Shifts can be worked out wherein 50% of workers can work at the office while the other half work from home. 


Work from home allowances

To make the new home office space normal for workers, companies can offer work from home allowances. This comes out much cheaper than purchasing and maintaining infrastructure and furniture at the office. The allowance can be used to help workers buy the appropriate furniture such as home office chairs, or to make up for the increased electricity and internet bills. Some companies like Google are beginning to do this because they realized that working from home is no longer a short-term solution. It is now part of the “new reality.”


CWC Interior ergonomic solutions to working from home

Working from home means spending at least eight hours in front of the work desk. Investing in ergonomic work chairs is a healthy solution to your active lifestyle.

  • Cosm Work Chair

Mid-back height with standard-height range and Y tilt. Fixed seat depth with adjustable arms. Graphite intercept suspension.

  • Sayl Chair

Suspension mid-back with standard height range and 2-tilt limiter. Height-adjustable arms.


Monitors must be kept at eye level. If you need more than just your laptop monitor, or if you’re using a desktop, then you need a monitor arm for your work desk.

  • Ollin Dynamic Arm

Comes in black or silver with a clamp range of up to 65mm. Can support monitor weight up to 20 pounds.


CWC Interior can provide every home office or workplace solution you need, such as ergonomic home office chairs. CWC incorporates collaboration, interaction, and engagement even beyond the workspace. We understand your needs during and after the pandemic because we specialize in office and home furniture and accessories. And we carry leading brands such as Herman Miller and Vitra. For your home and office furniture solutions, visit us today at CWC Interiors,

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