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Finding Focus while Working Remotely: Invest in a Home Office Desk Chair and More

home office desk chair

Working from home has been the preferred working arrangement for some people. Over the years, home workers have become accustomed to home office life. True enough, there are plenty of reasons why remote work is better. We can thank technology for cloud services, video chat, and team messaging for making this possible. However, it comes with a disadvantage, one that has been known to delay productivity and extend work hours, all the while sitting behind the work desk. The culprit is called distractions. Employees, who were recently forced to telecommute due to the global pandemic, are no stranger to distractions. Because they are still adjusting to a different working environment, they are prone to various types of work interruptions. They could lose hours of progress and end up frday. So, how does a home worker put them off until the end of the shift? Consider dedicating a ustrated that they did not do enough. The truth of the matter is there is no stopping these distractions. You can only hold them off for a while in a space for work, investing in an office with a home office desk chair, avoiding social media, and setting a limit to your working time.

Create a space for work

While it is possible to work on any desk, table, counter, or any flat surface, it is also possible that the ergonomics are off. It gets eventually uncomfortable and distracting to sit in a space that is not fit for work. That is why dedicating a station for your home office makes it easier to complete your daily tasks. Establish a rule that this workspace is only for using your computer, keeping relevant documents, and speaking with someone important on the phone.

Invest in a home office

What is an office without a computer, general office supplies, Internet connection, and comfortable home office furniture? Your workspace should look and feel like a proper office. While still at home, having this office eliminates distractions generally happening around the house – such as watching TV, playing video games, spending too much time in the kitchen, doing chores, looking after family members, and the like.

When it comes to office furniture, you will find workspace fittings and fixtures like no other at CWC Interiors. Do not hesitate to get in touch to learn about our Home Office Concepts.

Avoid frequent scrolling through social media

Social media is perhaps the ultimate temptation of our time. You may want to stay updated with the latest news, get gossip about famous public figures, and check in on your friends, but do so at a later time. You can do this by isolating your mobile device and disabling its Internet connection, so you will not get notifications from social media and messaging apps. Make it a habit to check your phone only during break time or after work hours.

Clock out at the right time

Just because you are working from home does not mean you should extend a few more hours of your time to get your tasks done. Know when you have to sign out to avoid overworking and burnout. Set a fixed schedule for your work hours every day of the workweek, and maximize and dedicate that time to complete your deliverables. This is how you balance your work and your life outside of it. It will take some time to adjust to these hours, but you will get the hang of it in the long run.

By now, we understand that distractions are everywhere. When we know how to work around them, we become productive and focused in our work. Especially in a global pandemic, it is crucial that we stay motivated however means possible until we weather out this storm.

CWC InteriorsWe at CWC Interiors are aware of the needs of the people working remotely from their homes during the coronavirus outbreak. We understand that these arrangements require proper furniture such as a home office desk chair, work desk, and the like to set up one’s office at home. For your personal workspace needs, visit our website at and check out our desks, chairs, and other furniture items from brands like Vitra and Herman Miller.

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