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Ergonomic Home Office Desks and Chairs for Working from Home

Ergonomic Home Office Desks and Chairs for Working from Home

For a new generation of individuals who are now working from home, some for the first time, getting the right home office setup presents some challenges. Setting up a sufficient space at home for safe and productive work doesn’t mean enlisting the dining table or kitchen counter. It would help if you had the right home office work desk and home office desk chair with the precise adjustability suitable for a long-term work environment.


The Ergonomics Basics

Key ergonomic concepts can be summed up with the acronym, N-E-W. These ergonomic basics will not only improve productivity but also reduce health risks.


N – Neutral Posture – This is the proper posture while performing sitting or standing work. This is the basic posture wherein you should never slouch; the neck and back should be straight while the backrest of the chair supports the lower back.

E – Eye and Elbow Height – Whether seated or standing, the keyboard and mouse should be at elbow level, and the top of the monitor should be at or slightly below eye height.

W – Work Area – Keep items such as the keyboard, mouse, phone, and other things necessary for work in the primary work zone or where the hands can easily reach without stretching. Anything else less critical can be placed in the zone within outstretched arms.


Based on the above, the two most essential items in your home office workspace should be the:


Work Chair

The task chair is the foundation of your work productivity and should be chosen well. Always choose a comfortable task seating with good back support. The work chair should at least have height adjustment and leaning back support.


If you browse the website of CWC Interiors, you can find quality ergonomic chairs such as:


COSM Work Chair by Herman Miller

The COSM work chair offers maximum adaptability for more significant support and comfort. The chair features an auto-harmonic tilt function, fixed seat depth, fixed arms, and intercept suspension material for better work comfort even for long hours.


Work Desk

Desk height for keyboarding should be lower than you think. Avoid the wrists and elbows being extended or sitting on hard surfaces as these will increase pressure on soft tissue and restrict blood flow. Try to get an adjustable work desk. If not, get an adjustable chair.


If you browse the website of CWC Interiors, you can find quality work desks such as:


Augment Ratio Work Desk by Herman Miller

It is a height-adjustable desk that enables a smooth transition from between sitting and standing. Users can vary their posture throughout the day depending on their need for work balance or comfort. The desk’s ergonomics can facilitate different postures to improve your work productivity and healthy well-being.


CWC Interiors

Now that a new generation of work from home employees is springing out, CWC Interiors is forward-thinking all the more to continue its emphasis on providing value and solutions to its clients. This is most especially for those looking to improve their home office with quality home office desks and home office desk chair. CWC Interiors distributes only the best quality and exceptional craftsmanship from its line of brands and products. Visit the CWC Interiors website at today and find the furniture solutions you need.

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