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Comfortable Ergonomic Chairs for Your Home Office

home office chairs

Working from home is nothing new. It is a practical arrangement for people who choose to stay home to avoid the stress of daily commute and city traffic. Lately, it has become a necessity, as business operations are kept to a minimum due to lockdowns and community quarantines. Workers forced into a remote working environment at home may find it challenging to keep productivity a constant. A makeshift office with a normal chair and desk may not be enough. The solution lies within ergonomic home office chairs.

How comfortable is your home office? People make the mistake of seeing their home office as any space in the house where they can sit and work from a computer. Chances are people will eventually lose efficiency when they are uncomfortable or too comfortable. A proper home office should be treated the same way as a work office. This puts people into a productive mindset and improves focus on the tasks at hand.

How does one stay comfortable AND productive throughout the work hours?

Sitting on the bed, with the laptop resting on the lap, can only get one so far. Leaning back on the couch may likely induce too much relaxation that one will not get any work done. Then again, leaning forward while typing from a coffee table may stress out one’s back and shoulders that getting things done becomes a struggle.

CWC Interiors ergonomic chairs provide hours of comfort

CWC Interiors centers on ergonomically designed furniture to provide lumbar support and help maintain work productivity from hours on end. Their Herman Miller chairs are comfortable, but not too comfortable that it drives down one’s ability to concentrate on work. Check out these home office chairs:


Made from smart and simple materials, the Sayl chairs are attractive, functional, and go all the way when it comes to back support. Their unframed 3D Intelligent suspension allows for freedom to move and stretch while promoting healthy posture.


The new health-positive Aeron chairs have been remastered to meet the standards of the modern working individual. These enhancements include superior tilt mechanism, 8Z Pellicle suspension, and flexible PostureFit SL. This smarter line of Aeron chairs aims to improve the human form.  


The Cosm chairs simply spell “comfort”. They come with a flexible thin back frame that feels non-existent, while it provides support and comfort while one moves their upper body. When chairs like the Cosm are ergonomically designed, studies show that stress at work can be alleviated.What makes these home office chairs even more valuable is that they were designed with the environment in mind. Each chair is made almost exclusively from recyclable materials. For more information about these chairs and other Work From Home furniture, visit us at Drop by at GF Unit 1-3 Milestone at Fifth Avenue, 5th Ave, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila, or send us an email at [email protected]

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