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Amp Up your Home Office Interior Design with Accessories

Amp Up your Home Office Interior Design w Accessories

Companies from almost all industry sectors have slowly shifted to remote work arrangements, with many employees working from home for the first time. Suddenly, employees are thrust into workspaces in their homes that may not be suitable for 8-hour workdays, looking continuously into their laptop screens. To improve their work environment, many are focusing on enhancing their home office accessories interior design by purchasing a work desk and ergonomic work chair, not realizing that a good monitor size with its accompanying home office accessories for monitors is just as important.


There is no perfect size monitor

The monitor that you should consider getting or bringing back from the office is one with a screen made for your work, and that fits perfectly with your desk. If you’re doing non-technical work, then you only need a 20-22 inch screen. However, if you’re doing heavy stuff like website coding, QA, or editing of any variety, then you need a screen not less than 24 inches but not more than 30 inches.


Ergonomics and health

Remote work employees who work at least 8 hours a day need to realize that aside from a good monitor, the ergonomics that go with it is equally important. Squinting at a screen or slouching over it can lead to eye strain and back issues. It’s not enough to just sit the monitor on top of your work desk. As part of your home office accessories interior design improvement, you also need a versatile monitor arm with height and tilt adjustability to ensure correct viewing alignment.


CWC Interiors provides quality monitor arms

Monitor Arms designed by Colebrook Bosson Saunders

The multi-arms, single arms, and supports of the Colebrook Bosson Saunders monitor arms can accommodate monitor weights up to 9kg and even more. No other dynamic monitor arm and support on the market can carry a single monitor up to this weight range. The smooth articulation and responsive movement of CBS arms and supports give the user fingertip control of their monitor. This ease of adjustment means natural posture for the user because it’s so easy to move the screen to the exact position the user needs. 


CWC Interiors

CWC Interiors is not just your average furniture store. Since 1992, CWC has always been creative, working and collaborating with clients to provide value and innovative solutions for any office or home furniture need, including home office accessories interior design needs for today’s generation of pandemic work from home employees. Since its opening, CWC Interiors has become a one-stop-shop for all its client’s needs. Visit the website today at

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