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Advantages of Working from Home Once a Week

home office interior design

Soon, as the risks of pandemics go away, many companies may opt to either have their employees continue to work from home, or to have them work at home at least once a week. That means spending only four days at the office. In one country alone, that’s sort of like taking 35,000 cars off the road, and so decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Of course, for workers who have never done remote work, this will entail some adjusting to a remote working environment and may involve improving the home office interior design.  

If numbers aren’t enough, here are more advantages to working at home at least once a week.

People Waste Less Time Commuting

We’ve seen this during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. Almost no one can ever be late when working at home. Besides, employees save on gas, cost of public transportation, and related costs like work clothes and lunches. Less commuting means less stress.

Productivity Increases and Attendance Improves

Thanks to technology, work and communication can be done in real-time. Managers can still monitor employees, and many project tools are available online to improve productivity. And should an employee not feel a hundred percent, they can still get work done while being able to rest at home.

Companies Save Time and Money

Companies get to save on overhead costs since less office space is needed. Everyone saw this during the pandemic lockdowns. Less time is also spent on non-productive activities at the office.

It’s a Good Chance to Improve the Home Office Workspace

While the near future may have employees working at home once a week, some companies may even opt for twice or thrice a week work from home, or even working at home full time. Working at home gives the employee a chance to improve their home office interior design and investing in ergonomically healthy work chairs and desk.

CWC Interiors, a top distributor of quality furniture brands, offers office furniture for the home like work tables and task chairs. One example is the Herman Miller Ratio Office Desk. It has a very minimal design for space-saving. And yet the Ratio is a height-adjustable desk that allows a smooth transition from sitting to standing and vice versa. In this way, the desk helps avoid a sedentary lifestyle of sitting for long hours that can be detrimental to health. 

The Vitra AM Chair is a superior work chair that combines comfort with an ergonomics design for better health. The mesh backrest keeps the spine comfortable to improve posture and prevent backaches. The seat back lumbar and height are adjustable for more sitting positions. It is also lightweight and saves space in any home.For more quality home office furniture to improve any home office interior design, talk to any CWC Interiors sales representative today by visiting You are assured of quality and durability with every prestigious global brand we carry and distribute, because this has been our mission for almost two decades.

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